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    My Favorite Things: Last Minute Gift Ideas

    My Favorite Things: Last Minute Gift Ideas

    Are you looking for a last minute gift idea for the woman in your life? I’ve got you covered! Here are some of the things I’m loving right now, and I think she will too!

    (BTW – I don’t get anything from these retailers, I’m just sharing!)

    For The Traveler

    I purchased this carryon bag earlier this year, and it is a total gamechanger.

    When I travel, I despise checking my luggage (I blame a very bad lost luggage experience I had in 2005 – HA!), so I am always looking for ways to pack smarter. This bag fits so much stuff (lots of pockets), is lightweight (even when packed full), and easily slides under the seat on the airplane (even the tiny regional planes).  And it comes in so many fun colors!

    I also love this carryon suitcase and collapsible water bottle for traveling!

    For The Puzzle Lover

    Do you know someone who likes puzzles? Our family is very into puzzling and we have picked up a couple of accessories this year that we love! The first is a puzzle mat.

    These are great for working on a puzzle at a table you also use for eating. You work the puzzle on the felt mat and then you roll it up when you need to use the table. Once you’re ready to work the puzzle again, you just unroll it, and everything stays in place!

    The second puzzle accessory is this genius puzzle lid holder, which keeps the lid upright while you are working a puzzle. We first came across one of these in a small store on the Northern Neck of Virginia. A local woman 3-D prints them at her house, and sells them in the small town store. They aren’t available online but this is similar. Love the ingenuity!

    A fun gift bag would be a puzzle (this is one of our favorite brands), mat, and box lid holder!

    For The Coffee Lover

    I definitely have a morning coffee routine, and there are two products I wouldn’t want to live without (aside from the coffee!). The first is this mug warmer.

    Paul got this for me earlier this year, and I use it every morning. It allows me to drink my first cup of coffee out of a mug (which I prefer), while still keeping it hot. This works so well!

    I take coffee on the go every day, and for over 5 years now, I’ve used this travel mug made by Bubba.

    I love it because the inside of the mug is ceramic (vs. stainless steel), so it doesn’t distort the flavor of the coffee. Sadly, I can’t find it online anywhere but you could try this one or this one. The important thing to look for is that the inside of the mug is ceramic NOT stainless steel. Once you tastes the difference, you won’t want to go back!

    For The Comfort Seeker

    After a long day of ______ (insert here), I look forward to getting home and getting comfortable. This lounge set is one of my favorites (I have it in Deep Blue and Black). It’s great for around the house, but it can also hold up as a travel outfit or for running errands. So comfy!

    We love crocs in our family! I bought these insulated crocs over a year ago, and absolutely love them!

    They keep your feet warm, and work both in and outside of the house. I’m often on my feet at home for long periods of time (I love to cook!) and I find these so comfortable. And there are a ton of great colors to choose from!

    SIDE NOTE: Have you tried Ruggables brand of area rugs. The cute plaid rug in the picture above is a Ruggable. I started using these in our home several years ago and I absolutely love them. They are machine washable and easy to switch out styles if you get bored easily or for the holidays. Check them out here!

    For The Shoe Lover

    I’ve shared this brand of shoes before, and I’m not afraid to repeat it because they are that good. Rothy’s shoes and accessories are made from all recycled materials, and they come in lots of different styles & colors. They carry purses, travel bags, and every type of shoe you can think of (flats, flops, booties, sneakers, even slippers!).

    But best of all, they are super comfortable AND you throw them in the wash for a quick clean. Scoop up a gift card and let her pick out something she will sure to love!

    Do you have some “favorite things” you will be gifting this year?

    Dream. Build. Live.

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