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    Exterior Elements Of Modern Home Design

    Exterior Elements Of Modern Home Design

    Modern home design has taken over in the last few years! It is so interesting to reflect back on the last 20 plus years of home design trends. When I first started working for Dad in 2001, the trend was very traditional. This is our Hastings Model and was our top seller for a long time…

    By the late 2000’s, Craftsman homes had taken over. This is our Hillwood Model (one of my favorite narrow lot designs!).

    We still build plenty of Craftsman style homes (and some Traditional too!), but we are definitely trending more towards Farmhouse and Modern style homes. I’m excited for both because change is good!

    When designing your Modern Home Design, you should pay attention to a few elements, both exterior and interior, that are critical to pulling off this style of home. Today, I’m going to give you my favorite exterior elements of Modern Home Design!

    Clean Roof Lines

    Most modern designs will incorporate clean roof lines, often flat, asymmetrical, and with varying heights, which is a lot different from Traditional and Craftsman design styles (which tend to be pitched and symmetrical).

    Frosted Glass Doors (Entry & Garage)

    Modern home design will often incorporate frosted glass doors. Frosted glass is not only an important design element, but it also allows for natural light without compromising privacy!

    Casement Windows

    Unlike double hung windows (widely used in Traditional and Craftsman designs), modern home design calls for the clean look of casement windows. Casement windows present one window pane/sash. So pretty!

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