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    What We’re Building Next Door: The Frame Stage

    What We're Building Next Door: The Frame Stage

    In case you missed it, I’m writing a new blog series chronicling the construction of my neighbor’s NDI home. I’ve built for friends before, but there is something about being asked by your neighbor! We’ve been friends and neighbors for over 10 years, and I am honored they asked us to build their new home.

    There are lots of steps to the process of building a custom home that I could cover, but I’ve blogged about that before (HERE and HERE). For this series, I’m really going to focus on the construction process because let’s be honest, that is really the most exciting part about building a new home!

    The next phase in construction is the frame stage. I love it when a house comes out of the ground! The planning stages of custom homebuilding takes a lot of time and effort, so when you see your home take shape, it really is an exciting time in the process. Here is a picture from Day 1 of the frame stage – I happened to catch this awesome picture of the framing crew setting the first beam…

    First floor walls were up in no time!

    Second floor…

    Roof trusses!

    While every stage is important, framing the house with precision and attention to detail is important in building a good house overall. If critical areas like kitchens and bathrooms aren’t square and plumb, the cabinet, vanity and countertop install won’t go well. And if quality building materials aren’t being used, it will impact the house forever. Engineered framing materials like Truss Joists, Advantech subflooring and OSB subsiding & roof sheathing are essential!

    Next up, we will sheath & shingle the roof, frame up the front porch, and install the windows and stairs. Stay tuned!

    Dream. Build. Live.

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