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    Farmhouse Sinks: Everything You Need to Know!

    Farmhouse Sinks: Everything You Need to Know!

    Farmhouse sinks have been a trend for a while now. Not only are they beautiful, but they are super functional as well. But there are some things to consider before you incorporate a farmhouse sink into your kitchen design. Here are some tips!

    Farmhouse sinks come in several different finishes like stainless steel, porcelain, fireclay, and even copper. Each finish has its advantages (and some have disadvantages), so it is important to understand that before you choose!

    White porcelain is a popular choice for your farmhouse sink. The crisp white color adds a great contrast and coordinates well with all cabinet colors (even white!). One thing to think about when choosing white porcelain is that it can stain, so you want to make sure to keep it clean. If you find yourself with a stain, you always use a magical product called Bartenders Friend. It is great at getting tough stains off surfaces (I use it at home to clean scuffs/stains off my quartz countertops). Porcelain sinks can also susceptible to chips, but they can easily be repaired with a porcelain filler.

    Stainless steel farmhouse sinks are also popular for their durability and sleek design. And they don’t stain or chip! I love my stainless steel farmhouse sink by Vigo, especially the wire sink protector that fits in the bottom. Farmhouse sinks are a lot deeper than regular sinks, so there is more opportunity for broken dishes if you accidentally drop something. This sink protector has definitely saved a few dishes from getting broken in our house!

    Fireclay farmhouse sinks are really beautiful, but they’ve become less popular in recent years. I think there are more (and better) options out there these days. Paul and I replaced our Rohl fireclay sink in 2020 with stainless, and we’ve never looked back. The old sink started to chip and there is no easy way to repair a chipped fireclay sink (unlike porcelain). If you are looking for a white farmhouse sink, I would absolutely choose porcelain over fireclay.

    Copper farmhouse sinks are so gorgeous, but they are really high maintenance. They will patina over time and you will need to polish regularly to limit the effects of oxidation (turning green). Again, beautiful but be prepared to spend time keeping it looking that way.

    Once you choose your finish, you will want to decide on a single bowl sink or double/split bowl. I’ve had both and hands down the single bowl is so much more functional. I know my mother would disagree because she is constantly using her double bowl sink to hand wash dishes (she fills one side, using the other to rinse). I just find the double bowl really awkward to work in.

    You just need to figure out how YOU will use your sink and choose the best setup.

    One more thing to keep in mind if you are considering a farmhouse sink, unlike the typical undermount sink, farmhouse sinks require a deeper opening, which means the sink base cabinet will need to be designed to accommodate the deeper sink. So make sure your cabinet designer knows exactly what sink you want!

    Dream. Build. Live.

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