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    Frequently Asked Questions

    NDI Construction Process

    Will NDI manage my site development for me?

    YES! NDI is a full service homebuilder offering site development services. You have the option of managing site development yourself, or we can do it for you. NDI will manage everything from the site engineering and permits to site clearing and utility installation requests.

    If the county I’m building in does not require a site grading plan, do I have to provide one to NDI?

    YES! This is very important to us because we rely on this information to correctly install your foundation. We do not employ Site Engineers on our staff so it is impossible for us to determine where the house should be sited on your lot. Having a Site Grading Plan completed by a certified Engineer or Surveyor will also give you the peace of mind that someone is taking responsibility for this most important information.

    How long will it take to get my building permit?

    Every municipality has different conditions and constraints to be met before issuing a Building Permit.  It is difficult to estimate how long it will take.  Most Building Permits are issued within 60-days of application, but it is not uncommon for the process to take much longer.

    Why would I need a permit expeditor?

    A Permit Expeditor provides walk-though service of your plans through the various offices and departments at the City/County required in obtaining your Building Permit.  This service costs approximately $1,500 and can be money well spent in the more complex jurisdictions such as: Fairfax, Arlington and Falls Church. A Permit Expeditor knows exactly where to go in the County and whom to see to get your Building Permit approved.

    What if my building plans are rejected from the county?

    There are times when the county plan reviewer has a specific question for the Architect regarding the building plans. They will require the architect address any issues prior to approving your building permit.  If the County denies or rejects your plans, please fax [703.369.7059], or bring the reviewer’s notes to the NDI corporate office and we will immediately address the issue.

    When will construction start on my new NDI home?

    You can typically expect to see work starting on your site approximately 2 weeks after your Pre-Construction Meeting.

    What is a responsible land disturber, and why would I need one?

    Some counties require the name and certificate number of a Responsible Land Disturber [RLD].  This person is the designated as the point of contact for sediment and erosion control requirements while the house is under construction.

    Designating an RLD simply provides a contact person for the County.  The homeowner is responsible for maintaining proper erosion control on the property.

    Where can I find a responsible land disturber?

    Many times your Site Engineer/Surveyor will self-designate as the Responsible Land Disturber [RLD] on file with the county for your property.  If you need someone to designate for purposes of getting your Building Permit, NDI has a certified RLD on staff.  Please contact the NDI corporate office to obtain the name and certificate number.

    What is a mechanic’s lien agent, and why would I need one?

    This agent conducts title searches on your property prior to the release of each disbursement of your construction loan, and is required by the lender.  If you are paying cash for your NDI home, you are not required to have a Mechanic’s Lien Agent in place.

    Can I have the home inspected by a private home inspector?

    YES! If you choose to hire a private home inspection service, please contact your NDI Project Coordinator to schedule a time for the Inspector to visit the site.

    When and how often can I visit the construction site?

    This is your home and your property, you may visit whenever you like.  If you choose to visit your home outside of the scheduled onsite meetings, we ask that you are extremely careful, as an active construction site can be a very dangerous place.  And please, do not interfere with the work of the subcontractors.

    What do I do with the “load letter” I recieved from the power/gas company?

    Fax it to the NDI corporate office [703.369.7059].  We will complete the required information and submit it to the appropriate utility company.  Please be sure to include the name of your contact person, their fax number and your work-order number.

    Can I still make changes after construction on my home has started?

    YES!  We want you to build your dream house.  We will consider any and all changes.

    Who do I call if I see something wrong with my home during construction?

    Sometimes work may appear wrong when it is simply incomplete.  Please take advantage of the five scheduled onsite meetings with your Project Manager to discuss your concerns.  If it is indeed incorrect, NDI will fix the problem.  We are committed to completing your home to your specifications and plans agreed to an approved by the County.  If you feel something is an emergency and cannot wait until your next scheduled meeting, please email or fax your concerns to your NDI Project Coordinator.

    What is the occupancy permit?

    This is the final permit issued after all building inspections are complete and approved by the county, deeming the home fit for occupancy.  Each county has different requirements.  Please familiarize your self with the requirements for your county early in the process, in order to be fully prepared at the final stages of construction.