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    What Custom Home Building Looks Like Today

    What Custom Home Building Looks Like Today

    Since I started working for Dad in 2001, I’ve seen recessions and housing booms, material shortages and price increases, but this has been really unbelievable. Who knew we would need to add navigating a worldwide health pandemic to the business plan?

    So, what does home building look like these days? In a lot of ways, it looks like it always has. We continue to “meet” with new clients, we continue to plan their homes, and we continue to build. We’re just doing it a bit differently…

    Our Corporate Office & Design Studio

    Operations are fully open but the team is rotating in and out to limit the number of people in the office. This allows us to continue to process the “paper” side of our business while keeping our team safe. The days I’ve been in the office are quiet but with our already efficient processes, I’m incredibly proud of the work our team continues to produce.

    We’re also conducting all internal meetings virtually (even when we’re in the office!). Zoom meetings have become the norm and in a lot of ways, the highlight of my day! I miss connecting with our team in person, so “seeing” them on Zoom has been a great substitute!

    Our Design Studio is officially open, but we’re trying to limit in person meetings to those clients preparing to start construction (permit approved or nearly approved). Our Design Studio Consultant Kathi, has done a great job structuring these meetings so they conform to social distancing guidelines. For example, she is the only one handling the samples so we can keep everything safe while clients are visiting. We’ve also been doing virtual Design Studio meetings which have worked great!














    Our Job Sites

    Since the start of the COVID -19 outbreak, we’ve been following the health and safety guidelines throughout our operations including our job sites. While there are typically only a handful of workers on a job at any given phase, we are strictly enforcing less than 10 people at a time and social distancing.

    We are starting to see some material lead times extended due to reduced manufacturing, but nothing that can’t be managed once we know. County inspections look a little different these days. Most inspectors are not entering the house, so the NDI Project Manager will conduct a virtual inspection. These have been great – the inspector sees everything they need and everyone stays safe!

    Our Clients

    We continue to sign new contracts with new clients. The entire plan and design phase can be completed with very little interruption. Design meetings are being held virtually, architects and site engineers continue with the design work, and we are still submitting plans for permit approval. Homes are getting started and clients are getting into their homes. We’ve had 5 settlements in the last 30 days (4 in the last 10 days).

    One of the hardest adjustments for me has been the lack of in person connection. Not just with our team, but with our clients. Settlements have always been a time of celebration for us and our clients. Nowadays, we limit attendance in order to practice social distancing. I really hope when all this passes, we can find ways to celebrate with these clients properly!

    The Really Good News

    We know all of this is temporary, and it will pass. Until then, we continue to work with clients to keep their custom home project on time. The months of planning required for a new custom home can be done NOW so clients are positioned to get their home built on time. That is really good news!

    Are you thinking about building in 2020? If yes, now is the time to start. Let us show you how!

    Dream. Build. Live.

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