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    A Word From Jen…The Addison Model Finish Pictures Are Here!

    A Word From Jen...The Addison Model Finish Pictures Are Here!

    Thank you for joining me for my weekly feature, “A Word From Jen…”, which is a short touch point I post each week to keep you informed about what’s happening around NDI, the market, and even in my own house. Here we go!


    I’m proud to announce we just finished our first The Addison! We introduced this new design several years ago. I love this cute home, and really thought it would be a popular choice for clients, especially for those who didn’t want a huge home (this one being just over 2000 square feet).

    But for some reason, we had never built The Addison…until now!

    Is 2024 the year you will build your NDI home?

    Dream. Build. Live.

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