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    The Cleaning Product You Need Now

    The Cleaning Product You Need Now

    When Paul and I decided to change out our countertops a few years ago, I knew I wanted to go with quartz. There are lots of countertop materials to choose from, but I had been eyeing quartz for several years. It comes in a ton of different styles and colors, and a lot of them look like marble (without the high maintenance!).

    We chose Calcatta Laza quartz for our island and Artic White quartz for the perimeter of the kitchen. It took a bit to get used to almost all while counters. Quite frankly, I think we were living in a state of constant filth before, because the dirt and smudges were hidden in the pattern of the granite we had! This was our old granite…

    Compared to the new quartz!

    It shows all the things, which I guess is good so we can see what needs to be cleaned, but one thing I didn’t realize about quartz is that it can scuff overtime, and the scuffs don’t come out with a regular surface cleaner. Do not to fear friends! There is a magical cleaning product that takes them right out! Have you heard of Bar Keepers Friend?

    It is literally magic. I grabbed one of the quartz samples we have at the Design Studio that has some of these “scuff” marks. Artic White is very popular so this little sample gets a lot of activity. Do you see the black scuff marks on it?

    Just sprinkle a little bit of Bar Keepers Friend and wipe it off with a damp paper towel or cloth.

    And like magic….

    Scuffs are gone! This stuff is amazing and works on much more than quartz!

    Pots & Pans

    White Sneakers – YEP!

    Bathrooms – shower and tub tile, tile grout, commodes, sinks, etc.!

    And stainless steel sinks and faucets…

    Like I said, MAGIC!

    Dream. Build. Live.

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