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    Choosing Your Countertop Material: Quartz, Granite, or Marble?

    Choosing Your Countertop Material: Quartz, Granite, or Marble?

    From laminate to Corian (remember that one?), countertop trends have come and gone. But there have been constants over the years. Quartz, granite, and marble are all still very popular choices. Today, I’m going to cover important information you should know when choosing from these countertop materials. First up, quartz!

    Quartz: What is it?

    Quartz is a manmade material, consisting of quartz minerals, resins, and pigments. It is still mostly natural (consisting of over 90% natural materials), but goes through a manmade process.

    Quartz: Pros & Cons

    There are several great reasons to choose quartz for your countertop material. Quartz comes in a ton of fun colors and neutrals. And since it isn’t porous, it is very durable and easy to clean and maintain (Bar Keeper’s Friend is like the magic quartz cleaner). Things to keep in mind, quartz can be very expensive and it is not heat resistant, so you can’t put hot pans directly on a quartz countertop. My rule of thumb is if I can touch the pan without burning my hand, it is safe to put on my quartz countertop.

    Granite: What is it?

    Granite 100% natural rock that is removed from quarries all around the world as large blocks, then they are sliced into slabs to fit your kitchen or bathroom.

    Granite: Pros & Cons

    Because granite is 100% natural, every slab is different. The same color granite mined from different parts of the world, can look completely different depending on where it comes from. It is one of the characteristics of granite that makes it so attractive. It is also very durable and even resistant to heat (place that hot pan right on it!), but you should seal granite every year as it can absorb stains. And like quartz, granite can be expensive depending on what granite you select (so many pricing levels!).

    Marble: What is it?

    Marble is limestone that has been transformed by extreme heat, pressure and movement. It’s this process that makes it so beautiful!

    Marble: Pros & Cons

    One of the reasons people love marble so much is it’s natural beauty and uniqueness – no two slabs are exactly alike! Marble has natural veining that can be minimal or very distinct. And with proper care, marble is long-lasting. Speaking of, one of the biggest cons to having marble countertops is that it is very high maintenance. It must be sealed on a regular basis to avoid stains from absorbing. It is also not heat resistant, so no hot pots!

    What I love about each of these countertop materials is that you can usually find the “look” you are going for with any of them. So if you are not very good at keeping up with regular maintenance, you can choose wisely without sacrificing the look you are want!

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