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    What We’re Building Next Door: Drywall, Trim & Paint

    What We're Building Next Door: Drywall, Trim & Paint

    In case you missed it, I’m writing a blog series chronicling the construction of my neighbor’s NDI home. I’ve built for friends before, but there is something about being asked by your neighbor! We’ve been friends and neighbors for over 10 years, and I am honored they asked us to build their new home.

    So, what’s happening next door? We are completely closed in – drywall is hung…

    And the trim is installed and everything is painted! What a transformation!

    I’m loving these 5 panel interior doors!

    While there are many steps to go before construction is complete, this phase really sets the stage for the overall fit and finish of the home. Quality drywall, trim and paint are key! And did you know we do two things during this stage in every NDI home that not every builder does?

    Finish & Paint Garage Interior

    In every home with a garage, we drywall and paint the interior (we didn’t build a garage for my neighbor but here is a garage we finished recently). It really makes a big difference!

    Install Moisture/Mold Resistant Drywall In Finished Basements

    We also use moisture/mold resistant drywall in the basement areas (if the client opts to finish the basement). As I have said before, excessive moisture in the house is never a good thing, and basements are notorious for high moisture given they are often below grade.

    Installing this product is not cheap and it also isn’t a code requirement, but we think its pretty important!

    The next phase of construction is one of my favorites…flooring & cabinets, so stay tuned. Talk about a transformation!

    Dream. Build. Live.

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