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    A Word From Jen…Market Leader Pricing + Landers Family Update

    A Word From Jen...Market Leader Pricing + Landers Family Update

    Thank you for joining me for my weekly feature, “A Word From Jen…”, which is a short touch point I post each week to keep you informed about what’s happening around NDI, the market, and even in my own house. Here we go!


    I’m so excited about our NEW design, The Lincoln Model. This home is over 3200 square feet but only 30′ wide (perfect for your in town lot!). And it checks all the boxes – Farmhouse style, open concept, flex space, and more!

    What I love most about this new design is the price. We have made it one of our “Market Leaders”, which means we are offering this home at a very low base price ($449,900 to be exact!). It allows buyers an entry point that is affordable, and they get the same wonderful signature features that go into ALL NDI homes, including KraftMaid cabinetry, KitchenAid appliances, and flooring selections you actually want (no builder grade here!).

    We have more Market Leaders to share with you so stay tuned. Or contact us today to learn more!

    Our family had a very low key Spring Break this year which was spectacular. We celebrated Andrew’s 12th birthday on March 28. This is my kid who loves to cook, will run errands with me if I ask, and makes us laugh with his dry humor & side-eye looks…

    We also took a daytrip to Bush Gardens which is always fun! Have you been on the new ride there called Pantheon? Oh my. The Griffin has been a longtime favorite of mine but I think Pantheon has taken the top slot. Apparently it is the world’s fastest multi-launch coaster. I can say for certain, it is fast. And surprisingly fun!

    Then we were home for Easter Sunday, and actually remembered to snap a family picture after church.

    Feeling quite blessed. Even though I’m close to being the shortest in our family – even in heels!

    Hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter weekend. Summer is coming!

    Dream. Build. Live. 

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