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    Choosing The Right Trim Package For Your New Home

    Choosing The Right Trim Package For Your New Home

    When building a custom home, what you put in your home is almost as important as the layout of your home. I say almost because you can always change finishes in your home like interior trim (moldings, railings, etc.), but it isn’t always easy changing the layout.

    But around here, we like doing things right the first time, so why not choose the right trim package for your style home right from the get go? It just makes sense!

    What does it mean to choose the “right” trim for your new home?

    The interior and exterior trim package should complement the overall design and style of your home. For example, a traditional style home will have features like full brick facades, shutters, and hip roofs.

    Craftsman style homes often have a mix of stone and siding with gable roof designs. 

    We’ve designed all of our homes to incorporate a coordinating trim package. Traditional style homes are designed with a Traditional trim package while our Craftsman style homes come with a Craftsman trim package. It takes the guesswork out of the equation and ensures both the inside and outside styles are consistent and complement each other.

    Traditional vs. Craftsman Trim Packages

    The following features are included with all Traditional Style homes.

    Traditional Style Stair Rails with Iron Pickets and Turned Newel Posts

    Shadow Box Trim in the Foyer and the Dining Room 

    Every NDI home has Crown Molding in the Foyer, Dining Room, Living Room (per plan), and Upper Hallway.

    Traditional Interior Window and Door Trim

    The interior and exterior doors on our Traditional Style homes are 2-Panel (painted your choice of color!).

    Traditional Style Garage Door

    From the front door to the interior moldings and railings, traditional style trim is timeless and holds true to the style of the rest of the home.

    The following features are included with all Craftsman Style homes.

    Craftsman Stair Rails with Square Newel Posts and Pickets

    Tall Wainscoting in the Dining Room (shorter, similar wainscoting in the foyer)

    Every NDI home has Crown Molding in the Foyer, Dining Room, Living Room (per plan), and Upper Hallway. 

    Craftsman Interior Window and Door Trim

    Craftsman Front Door (painted your choice of color!)

    2-Panel Interior Doors

    Craftsman Style Garage Door


    Craftsman Style homes are all about clean, smooth lines and simple elegance!

    What style is my NDI home?

    We have over 20 current models and each of them has their own character and unique qualities. If you are uncertain if your NDI home is Traditional Style or Craftsman Style, you can always check our website on the product page. Under the features tab, you find the designation.

    Installing the right trim package in your new home is just thoughtful design. When different styles are mixed it gets confusing and many times it just doesn’t look or feel right. Let us help you choose the right style home for you!

    Dream Big. Build Smart.

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