Do You Build In The Winter?

Every year when the weather turns cold, we’re asked the question “do you build in the winter?” This is usually a question of concern for two reasons (1) if we can build and (2) should we build once the weather turns cold. Let’s break it down…

Can We Build When The Weather Turns Cold?

NDI builds all year round. We always have and we always will. We are blessed with four beautiful seasons here in Northern Virginia, which means we get a little of everything but (typically) not a lot of anything. Our winters are usually mild with the occasional blizzard. But every year we approach the winter months, clients are concerned we might not be able to start their home. Or they’re concerned if we do start, there will be delays.

We try to eliminate delays in the construction schedule when we can. One thing we can’t control is the weather and that’s the case all year round, not just during the winter months. In fact, we’ve had rainy springs that have wreaked more havoc on our construction schedules than most of our winters.

Should We Build When The Weather Turns Cold?

I don’t know a builder in our area who doesn’t build in the winter. I imagine there are builders who choose not to build but most are at it 12 months a year. While there are certain things that can’t be done in freezing temps, most activities can proceed with proper site access and careful planning. Our subcontractors and suppliers are well-versed in working around weather delays. And there are several things we do that help to keep things moving. I blogged about this last year. In case you missed it, you can check out that post for ways we’re able to work around winter weather.

Since Dad started the company in 1988, NDI has built in the winter months. Sometimes snow is actually better than rain because once it snows, you can clear it away and keep building. Waiting for ground to dry out from a hard rain can delay work for days. But regardless of the potential for delays, NDI has the experience of the last 28 years to mitigate those delays.

That’s why our construction process is one of the most efficient around. Just ask…

Dream Big. Build Smart.

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