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    Do You Build In The Winter?

    Do You Build In The Winter?

    Every year when the weather turns cold, we get asked the question, “do you build in the winter?”

    Since Dad started the company in 1988, NDI has built all year round, including the winter months. We are blessed with four beautiful seasons here in Northern Virginia, which means we get a little of everything but (typically) not a lot of anything. And lucky for us, our winters are usually mild (especially in recent years)!

    The key to winter building is working with experienced subcontractors and suppliers who are well-versed in working all year round. With proper site supervision and careful planning, most activities can proceed even when it turns cold.

    Weather delays are never welcome around here, but sometimes snow is actually better than rain. We’ve  had rainy springs that have caused more havoc on our construction schedules than a winter snow storm. Snow can often be easily cleared away so we can keep on building.

    Regardless of the weather, NDI has the experience of over 35 years to build quality, beautiful homes all year round!

    Dream. Build. Live. 

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