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    Jen’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

    Jen's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

    Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I used to be a really great gift planner but in the last few years, this time of year has become more about experiencing the season and less about the gifts. Don’t worry – I’m completely into Christmas but I no longer stress about finding “the” perfect gift. But I am always looking for new ideas and I found a few this year I wanted to share!

    For The Innovator

    Do you have a future artist, engineer, or builder on your list? Check out KiwiCo – they are a subscription based company that will ship your gift recipient a project each month (based on age and interest). Andrew received this as a gift for his birthday earlier this year and he LOVED it.

    The first “crate” was building a “claw game”. You know that game at the carnival that takes all your money but never lets you win?

    The kit had materials to make a mechanical claw, the box, and two little balls.

    The directions are easy to follow (not a lot of supervising required!) and Andrew had so much fun.

    Andrew would get SO EXCITED when he saw the Kiwi Crate on the front porch each month. If you have a kid on your list who loves to create, this is the perfect gift!

    For Game Night

    We love playing games at our house and this is one of our very favorites…TENZIE!

    This game is so fun and so easy to play – our guys started playing at 5 years old. There are multiple versions of the game you can play to switch it up or you can make up your own version! Aside being super fun, this game is no mess and it doesn’t take long at all. We often take Tenzie out after dinner to play with the boys before bedtime. Love it!

    For The Gadget Lover

    I saw this Snowflake Multi-Tool online and decided to pick up a few for stocking stuffers. This is an 18 in 1 tool – open a bottle, fix your snowboard (or bike), or easily open that Amazon box. It is pocket sized and looks cool too!

    For The Girly Girl

    We were in Charleston, SC earlier this year visiting some friends and went the Charleston Food & Wine Festival. Have you ever been? I’m not usually one for a festival (please don’t make me buy tickets for food and drink), but this one is so good (no tickets after you get in). We had a ball sipping wine and enjoying the beautiful weather. We also did a little shopping – they had vendors setup in a tent.

    If you’ve been following my blog, you have probably heard me talking about our KUDU grill – this is where we bought it! I also ran across The Charleston Soap Chef. If you have someone on your list that loves yummy smelling lotions and potions, check this company out. I bought the lotion (in Sweet Tea) when we were at the festival and I just replenished my supply.

    This smells so good (Paul doesn’t use it but he loves the smell on me) and the lotion is light and not sticky at all.  I purchased this gift set in the Sweet Tea. I haven’t tried the body wash yet but it comes in a cute muslin bag and the packaging is nice. I even got a handwritten note from the owner (she emailed me too, thanking me for my purchase but isn’t handwritten best?)!

    For The Bookworm

    I have two items the reader on your list might appreciate. The first is a book I read two years ago but I’m about to pick it up again (it is that good). It’s all about maximizing your personality to help you change your habits and achieve your goals. It isn’t self-helpish at all. It is just awesome and it helps you to work better with others, your spouse, and yourself. When I was reading it, it was all I could talk about. I thought my girlfriends were going to disown me. But seriously, it is so good.

    And it’s by Gretchen Rubin who is (excuse my language) a bad-ass.

    The second reading gift is a pair of readers I just picked up recently. As soon as I hit 40, I started wearing glasses. Almost 5 years later and I’m still looking for the perfect pair (because you have to have like 18 pairs lying around at all times). I may have found them. They’re called IZIPIZI and they are called “screen” glasses. They block 40% of blue light which is helpful if you spend a lot of time in front of a screen. I bought these and I love them!

    Paul snapped this picture of us on our way home from our Thanksgiving trip. It wasn’t until the flight back that we realized we had not taken one picture together. I need to make a resolution to take more pictures with my sweetie.

    And I just noticed Paul is wearing his KUDU hat. Product placement! HA – just kidding. I get no kickback from any of the companies/products I’ve listed above. Sharing to share.

    Do you have any gift ideas you’d like to share with me? I’d love to hear them – comment below or email me at

    Dream Big. Live Life.

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