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    Wood Floor Characteristics: Variation, Smooth, or Textured

    Wood Floor Characteristics: Variation, Smooth, or Textured

    It’s so wonderful that we can get almost any type of floor we want. And also not-so-wonderful because how can we choose which texture or look with so many choices?!

    Recently, I wrote about what to think about when selecting a wood tone. But what about texture and variation?

    The Extremely Varied Wood Floor

    When we were building our home, I originally wanted a super dark, even toned wood floor. But then I saw another client install this light, natural toned wood floor with this amazing variation. I had to have it!


    To me, this varied look to the floor makes it interesting. I love how no two pieces look exactly alike, just like how wood looks in nature. This look is definitely A LOOK. Some people might find the varied boards to be too much. I like it because it’s interesting and the varied boards hide any imperfections (like dog nail scratches).

    Jen did something similar at one of our spec homes.


    I love how the multi-tone can look more casual (like in my house) or sophisticated like in Jen’s spec.

    But it’s definitely a statement.

    Evenly Toned Wood Floors

    If you’re just not sure, go with an evenly toned and textured wood floor.


    This type of floor will blend in with your furniture and decor, making it a good backdrop for any look.


    It’s a classic look. Can’t go wrong!

    The Textured Wood Floor

    A handscraped wood floor will give you a lot of texture and character.


    Like a varied tone floor, a handscrape will hide some imperfections, but it also makes a statement – it will stand out. A handscape floor feels more rustic and traditional.

    Which type do you prefer? The varied, even, or textured floor?

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