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    5 Reasons To Love Living In Northern Virginia

    5 Reasons To Love Living In Northern Virginia

    Are you considering a move to Northern Virginia? Moving here for a job or military assignment is probably the most common reason folks move here. But there are many reasons to love living in Northern Virginia which is why a lot of people decide to stay and settle down here.

    I was raised in Virginia – born at Virginia Hospital Center, grew up in Fairfax, and then I attended Virginia Tech (HOKIES!). There aren’t a lot of us natives around here, so every time I meet one, I’m always interested in why they decided to stay here. Did they move away at some point, only to return? That’s what I did!

    After meeting at Virginia Tech, Paul and I moved to Pompano Beach, FL for a few years. It was fun at first, but we realized it wasn’t where we wanted to be long-term, even though Paul grew up there. Shortly after we got married in 1999, we decided to move to Atlanta, GA. It was central to his family in FL and my family in VA. We bought our first home there and really thought it was where we would settle down. But what did we know, we were babies!

    Atlanta ended up being a brief stop for us. After just 10 months of living there, we sold the house we had just bought and moved up to Northern Virginia so that I could start working for NDI. It was a BIG move for us, but it was also the best decision Paul & I have ever made. Even Paul loves living here and he grew up on the beach in South Florida!

    Whether you are considering a move to Northern Virginia, or you could use a little reminder about why it’s such a great place to live, I’ve got 5 great reasons to love it!

    Reason #1: There Is So Much To Do

    Let’s get the obvious one out there on the table. The DC Metro area is one of the top destinations for school trips and family vacations, and for good reason! There is so much to do in and around DC (not to mention so much of it is FREE), it is impossible to ignore. Museums, the national parks and awesome places to go hiking top the list! Virginia also has a growing number of wineries and microbreweries popping up all over the area. Not to mention quaint towns like Middleburg (45 minutes from northern VA), Mount Vernon, and Annapolis, MD (also 45 minutes away) that are fun to explore.

    Appreciation Tip: Act like a tourist! Pick a museum or local town you’d like to visit AND GO! 

    Reason #2: Virginia Is Beautiful

    I know I’m biased but Virginia is the most beautiful state in the Union. From the beaches to the mountains, Virginia has it all! And to top it off, our weather is typically very moderate. Sure it gets hot here in the summers, and we can have cold winters, but none of the extreme weather lasts very long. And it makes the fall and spring even that much sweeter!

    Appreciation Tip: Take a drive! You don’t have to venture far to appreciate how scenic and beautiful Virginia is in any season! 

    Reason #3: Strong Economy = Healthy Housing Market

    Due to our proximity to Washington, DC, Northern Virginia has historically had a very strong economy with plentiful job opportunities, both in government and in the private sector. Even during economic downturns, this area is often insulated from harsh swings in the economy. It is why so many companies have moved operations to the DC Metro area!

    And because of the strong local economy, we have a very strong housing market. While this area is experiencing record low inventory of homes for sale, our home values continue to increase!

    Appreciation Tip: Support a local business! Dine out at your favorite restaurant or stop at the shop around the corner!

    Reason #4: Easy Launch Point For Travel

    From daytrips to international travel, Northern Virginia is the perfect launching point for your next trip. We are an easy drive to several major cities including Philadelphia and New York City, and we have access to three international airports. Not only do the airports run hundreds of flights per day, but you can often get somewhere nonstop!

    Appreciation Tip: Book a daytrip with your family or friends! 

    Reason #5: Good Educational & Athletic Opportunity

    Northern Virginia not only boasts one of the best public school systems in the country, but we also have plenty of options for higher education. Between the highly accredited George Mason University, Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia also have satellite schools right here in Northern Virginia.

    There are also highly competitive athletic programs throughout the region, including youth, high school, college, and professional (Go Nats!). We’ve had such a positive experience with our boys’ experience in Falls Church Kiwanis Little League. Such a great community!

    Appreciation Tip: Catch a local sporting event!

    These are just a few of the reasons I love living here in Northern Virginia, and why I’m so happy Paul and I have chosen to raise our kids here. This area isn’t perfect by any means (hello traffic!), but the positives definitely outweigh any negatives!

    What do you love about living in Northern Virginia?

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