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    What We’re Building Next Door: Roof, Windows & More!

    What We're Building Next Door: Roof, Windows & More!

    In case you missed it, I’m writing a new blog series chronicling the construction of my neighbor’s NDI home. I’ve built for friends before, but there is something about being asked by your neighbor! We’ve been friends and neighbors for over 10 years, and I am honored they asked us to build their new home.

    We’re building a modified Nottingham Model which I love (that’s what my house is!). Here is what their alternate elevation will look like…

    Inside, they added a loft and a finished basement – here are the layouts for the house…

    We’re wrapping up the frame stage, and the house is looking really great! Since my last post, we’ve finished up the roofing and installed the windows and stairs.

    Let’s talk windows! If you have followed this blog for any time at all, you have probably heard me talk about how much I love our windows! Over 10 years ago, we went in search of a new window supplier. Since Dad started NDI in 1988, we have used just about every window manufacturer out there. From 2001 (when I started at NDI) until 2012, we had gone through 7 or 8 different manufacturers including Pella, JELD-WEN, you name it, we tried it. There was either a manufacturing or performance issue, or terrible customer service (pet-peeve of mine!). We were so frustrated!

    But then in 2012, we were introduced to a company called Simonton. We’ve never used a window for this long, and now that we have, I hope we never have to change! From their proven performance to the excellent customer service, I have only good things to say!

    I’m thrilled with the progress next door and I can’t wait to see more! My neighbor decided to incorporate some of the same design elements we added to our home. Here are arched openings from the kitchen, through the butler’s pantry and into the dining room. Arches next door…

    And these are in my home…

    So fun!

    Next up, next door? The mechanical stage!

    Dream. Build. Live. 

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