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    Building an Energy-Efficient Home

    Building an Energy-Efficient Home

    There are so many benefits to living in an energy-efficient home; it’s good for our comfort, our wallets, and our environment! That is why it is important to consider energy efficiency when building a new home.

    Today, we have put together a list of energy saving products to incorporate into your new home.

    Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

    Most energy is lost through windows and doors. Make sure your home builder is equipping your home with good, energy efficient windows and doors. We have used Simonton Windows for over a decade. These windows, manufactured here In America, are double-hung and have LOW-E glass. We love our windows!

    Air Seal Package

    Before drywall is hung, your builder should apply air seal throughout the house. This seals any gaps or openings in exterior walls, not only where the walls meet the ceiling and floor, but also around all windows, doors and other penetrations throughout the house. Your home will perform better overall when your home’s exterior has a tight seal.

    House Wrap

    House wrap is installed in between the subsiding and the exterior siding. It acts as a vapor barrier to protect your home from moisture, making it safer and more comfortable.

    Heating and Cooling System

    A dual-zone heating and air conditioning system works more efficiently by splitting your home into two zones. You can also incorporate smart home technology with a WIFI controlled programmable thermostat and other energy-saving features.

    Like we said, modern home builders should include all of this in their standard home features. At NDI, we include all of the above and more!

    To ensure that your home is as energy-efficient as it should be, it’s essential that your builder has a solid quality assurance program [link to New Home Quality Assurance Programs if published]. When your home is built right, you’ll stay more comfortable while using less energy.

    Dream. Build. Live.

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