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    Fun Party Idea: DIY Gin & Tonic Bar

    Fun Party Idea: DIY Gin & Tonic Bar

    In 2011, Paul & I started a Cocktail Club in our neighborhood. It started with six of our neighbors, sadly one moved away a few years ago. But since the club started, we have been diligent about “meeting” every other month, and to make it easy on everyone, we take turns hosting. The host picks the theme and provides the cocktail, while the guests bring food to complement the theme. It has been such fun over the years. When Paul & I recently hosted the March “meeting”, we chose “Spring Fling” for our theme, with a DIY G&T Bar.

    We fell in love with G&Ts on our trip to Bermuda a few years ago for our 20th wedding anniversary. The resort we stayed at had a G&T bar, so we learned a lot about gin & tonics (and had to try a few of course!). Who knew there were so many different types of gins – all with their own unique flavor!

    Here are some tips for setting up your own DIY G&T Bar for your next party!

    Step 1: Dedicate a space.

    A long counter, table or sideboard will work great! Just make sure you have plenty of room to set out the glassware, gins, tonics, and accoutrements (most important!).

    Step 2: Choose 2-3 types of gins.

    We chose Hendricks, The Botanist, and Bloom (had a little Bombay as well). Each brought different flavors to the table. Seriously, you would not believe how different Bloom gin (floral) tastes from The Botanist (citrusy). Before Bermuda, I thought all gin tasted like a Christmas tree!

    Step 3: Choose your garnishes and tonic waters. 

    We chose a combination of citrus, berries, fresh herbs, and cucumber (have to have cucumber with Hendricks!) for garnishes. For the tonic water, stay away from the old school Seagram’s tonic water, and reach for the new and improved versions. These modern tonics are so much tastier and often infused to bring out the flavor of the gin (depending on the type of gin). I love Fever Tree tonic (can be found at most grocery stores, and definitely at Whole Foods)!

    Step 4: Select the right vessel. 

    Skip the highball glass, and instead set out large, wide wine glasses (think big red wine glasses). Filled with ice, the large glass opens up the flavors of the gin so much better than a traditional cocktail glass!

    Step 5: Have some G&T recipes at the ready! 

    Give your guests some ideas for their G&Ts! We also had several guests making their own combinations!

    We loved this party, and so did our fellow cocktail club members! It was easy to setup, and everyone had fun making their own drinks and concoctions!

    Dream. Build. Live. 


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