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    Jen In The Kitchen: College Chicken

    Jen In The Kitchen: College Chicken

    If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you likely know that I’m a proud Virginia Tech graduate. It seems like just yesterday, that I was getting ready to graduate but it’s been a long while (I’ll give you hint – the Macarena topped the music charts). But what you may not know, is that I met my sweet & wonderful husband of 20 years at VT.

    I’ve been in a sentimental mood lately, so when my weekday cooking was in a rut, I turned to a tried and true chicken marinade that is so simple and so delicious. And it’s something Paul and I made in college which means it is also cheap to make – bonus!

    It calls for just 3 ingredients, including the chicken, so you don’t even have to write it down. It’s simply chicken (we prefer thighs since they grill up super fast and are more flavorful) with equal parts soy sauce and bottled Italian dressing.

    I usually throw the chicken in a  large ziplock bag and then dump 1/2 the bottle of the dressing and 1/2 the bottle of soy sauce (or enough to cover the chicken).

    Put it in the frig and let it get happy for 12-24 hours (the longer, the better). We usually marinade 8 thighs, which is enough for dinner for 4 and leftovers for lunch.

    Grill up the chicken and serve with a salad or favorite veggie, and you have a delicious (and easy) weeknight dinner!

    For this meal, I had some Brussels sprouts in the frig which I shredded thinly and threw in a skillet with some cooked bacon. Season with S&P and YUMMO!

    Paul and I treasure our memories of meeting at Virginia Tech. It’s one of the many reasons we LOVE making this recipe!

    Live Life. Eat Well. 

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