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    Post-Settlement Checklist

    Post-Settlement Checklist

    After months or planning and dreaming about your NDI home, your new home is ready for move-in! But what next? Aside from moving in and getting settled, are there other things you need to do? Are there things you should avoid? Here are a few tips to guide you as you get unpacked!

    DO THIS: Activate The Home Automation Package

    Your water, sewer, gas and power are already connected, but once you take possession of your home, you will need to setup the service provider for your internet/cable/phone. Once you have WIFI working, you can call the installer we hired for the structured wiring in your home. This company will come out and help you get comfortable with the components of our Home Automation Package. They can also enhance the automation of your home by adding additional cameras, security, etc.

    DO THIS: Register Mechanical Fixtures

    At your NDI settlement, you received detailed information in your settlement packet about registering your kitchen appliances, HVAC equipment, and your water heater. By registering these systems with the manufacturer, you will have quick access to repairs, product updates, recalls, etc. I know registering appliances isn’t the most exciting activity, but it is important and it will save you time (and from hassle) in the future!

    DO THIS: Mark Your Calendar

    It is a good idea to setup reminders on your calendar for important warranty dates. We will come back at 30 days and again at 11 months to address any warranty items. In between these walks, you can start a list of any warranty items or questions you may have and have them ready for your walk through meeting. The 30 day walk will address anything that has come up since settlement. The 11 month walk will address any warranties that might be running out (like kitchen appliances), as well as any house settlement items (nail pops, settlement cracks, etc.).

    Popped Nails? Repair Your Drywall with These Tips - Bob Vila

    We advise clients to wait to custom paint their homes until after the 11 month walk. We will still address settlement items if areas have been custom painted, but we won’t repaint those areas. So if you can wait, it allows us to address the issues, repaint, and leave it looking the way it should!

    Another tip? It is also a good idea to set regular reminders on your calendar to check your smoke alarms, and change out HVAC filters!


    Change your locks. Your NDI home is equipped with specialty locks that will automatically re-key the lock once the permanent key is inserted. This means that our construction key will no longer work, so there is no need to change out your locks after you move in.

    Custom paint your home in the first year. For many of our clients, their new NDI home is a blank canvas they can’t wait to fill. If you are planning to custom paint the inside of your home, consider waiting until after the 11 month walk through is completed. Why is this important? Because at the 11 month walk, we will address warranty items like nail pops in the drywall and settlement cracks. If you custom paint your home, we will still come back and address these items, but we won’t repaint those areas. My advice is to wait until the 11 month work is completed, and then grab your paintbrush and have at it!

    Forget to call us first. I tell every single client at settlement to call us first should anything come up in their NDI homes, even if they think they are out of the warranty period. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, if there is something that should have been done differently the first time around, we want an opportunity to address that. Second, we like to know what is happening in our homes after being lived in so we can make adjustments for future clients and NDI homeowners. We also like to hear from clients, so don’t be shy!

    There is a lot to think about when you are moving into your new home, but it is also a very exciting time. I’ve said it before, building a custom home isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it!

    Dream. Build. Live. 

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