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    What We Can Control

    What We Can Control

    Hey dear friends! I hope this finds you and yours well. This has been quite a week as we all adjust to the kids being out of school, changing work patterns and environments, and in general trying to digest the world news.

    I keep reminding our people that we can’t control what is happening outside of NDI, but we can continue to do what we do which is build our beautiful homes. We can also take care of ourselves and each other during these uncertain times.

    But how do we navigate this now? Here are some of the things I’m trying to control.

    #1 Stop The Spread. I realize this will be different for each of us, but I can squarely say that we all have a part to play in stopping the spread of this virus. Our family has made some significant decisions around limiting contact with large groups of people (in fact, we’re just not doing it). We’ve told everyone we will see you soon but not until this is over. Our church has gone totally virtual which was a hard concept to grasp at first since we are all about community, but so far, it has been great! Whatever you decide, I hope you will err on the side of precaution. I think the more we can all do to stop the spread NOW, the faster we will get out of this.

    #2 Daily Routine. This is definitely easier said than done. Many people are working from home and dealing with kids at home. There is nothing about it that screams routine. But I encourage you to do as much as you did last week (get up at the same time, make your bed, exercise, meditate, etc.). Keeping up with your daily routine will certainly make things feel a little more “normal”.

    #3 Breath. This is temporary. It is worrisome because this is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, but this will pass and we will be OK. Take time to get outside for a walk. Turn off the news (for some good news, click HERE). Sit and enjoy the reduced scheduling of our normally busy lives. Relish in eating together as a family at home. Bake! Create ! Do what makes you happy!

    Dream. Build. Live. 

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