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    Styling a Home Office

    Styling a Home Office

    The last three years have proven to many that having a productive workspace at home is key! Many have returned to the office, but they are also working from home more than ever before. If you are planning your custom home, or you are looking to improve the home office space in your current home, check out these helpful tips to help you create the creative and productive space you need.

    First up you need to start with the right space—a good-sized room with natural light, and ideally, as far as possible from the noisier areas of the home. If your current office is in a corner of the living room or bedroom, that’s ok too! You can still make it your own. And don’t forget the basement! NDI Client Sarah Bagley, shared her basement office transformation with us a few years ago and it is stunning.

    Choosing your space is just the start! Here are some tips on how to set up your ideal home office.

    Tip #1: Choose furniture.

    Start with the big anchor pieces like your desk. Traditional solid wood pieces with lots of drawers feel solid and comforting if you have the space. We also love a lightweight, adjustable-height desk, which lets you switch between sitting and standing. And we definitely recommend investing in an ergonomic chair! You can get beautiful leather or suede versions that will look gorgeous while keeping you comfortable and focused.

    Tip #2: Add your style!

    We all like different work environments, so go with your personal style—whether you’re minimalist, maximalist, or somewhere in between! Want to bring in the outdoors? If you must be indoors working all day, why not? You can opt for a neutral color on the walls and add an accent wall with thin, vertical wood paneling. And you will need plenty of plants, of course! Don’t forget to add some fun artwork and framed photographs of your travels and loved ones!

    Tip #3: Add the workday details.

    Run through your workday in your head, and think of anything that could make your day easier. Do you find yourself wanting an early-afternoon pick-me-up? Maybe add a coffee or tea station. Do you run through pens and notepads quickly? Keep a stock nearby so you don’t have to search when you run out.

    We hope these tips help you, whether you’re setting up a home office in your new custom home or in a home you’ve owned for 20 years. Now check out some home office inspiration and get started!

    Dream. Build. Live.

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